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The Quality Of Monitors
A computer is made up of lot of parts. All of which are intertwined with each other. They all need one another to perform fully. In short, the computer’s parts are like those of a human.

One part of the computer is the monitor. The monitor serves as the eyes of the computer unit. The monitor is where displays can be seen. All the software programs, the videos, files can be seen by the user.

Monitors run at different resolutions and refresh rates. The default resolution for Windows Operating Systems is 640x480 pixels. This is a very low resolution where the objects will look like large blocks. 640x480 means that 640 pixels can be fitted across the monitor and 480 vertically.

It is suggestible to get higher resolution monitors. The higher the resolutions the smaller the objects become but they are still clear too. A large monitor does not mean you can fit a whole lot of items. The items that can be fit inside in your monitor depend on the resolution as well. However, high resolutions on small monitors present problems as well. The text may become hard to read despite the quality.

The smoothness and less flicker of the image depend on the monitor’s refresh rate. The refresh rate is how fast the images can be redrawn on the screen.

When getting a monitor, get the best you can possibly get for your buck. This is because through all the upgrades that you do, the monitor can still be reused over and over again. So get a monitor that can be large for your enjoyment. 15” and 17” monitors are still considered to be small. 19” monitors are usually the most reasonable ones to get. Anything above 19” is considered a luxury.

To realize how a clear a picture should be, the dot pitch should be considered. A dot pitch of .26mm or smaller should be fine with most users. How the dot pitch is measured should also be noticed. It could either be vertically, horizontally, or other ways. Avoid monitors that use different ways of measuring dot pitches.

To make the computer work better on your eyes, higher refresh rates should be considered. You may also want to check out how flat the screen of the monitor is. The controls should also be considered. The easier the controls to adjust the hues and other stuff the better.

These are only a few ways in which a person can guarantee that his eyes won’t bulge out from buying a bad quality monitor.

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