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Computer Accessories - The Basic Necessities
There are many types of computer accessories ranging from very fundamental to extravagant. Here is a brief description of the basic accessories that are essential to computer users:

Printers are a must-have for most people. You can print everything from documents to photos. The two predominate types of printers are laser and inkjet. A laser printer will be more expensive than an inkjet, but the quality of pictures you will be able to print more than makes up for the price difference. An inkjet printer will cost from $30 and up, while a laser printer will cost $80 and up.

A scanner allows you to take 'photographs' of objects and documents. The most common use for scanner is to copy documents and images and save them to your computer. Most scanners are flat and sit on a desktop. When you scan a document, you receive a digital image on your computer that can then be converted to a text file and edited. A good quality color scanner will cost around $100.

You can purchase a combination printer and scanner that generally will include a copier and fax as well for around $150. This is by far your best option and you will save office space with these compact, all-in-one machines.

Gaming devices are not exactly necessities, but many people enjoy playing games on their computer and the correct gaming devices are necessary for some computer games. Steering wheels, game pads, and joysticks are popular items amongst computer gamers. Basic gaming devices can cost as little as $10 up to $400 or more.

Television adapters make it possible for you to create a home theatre system around your computer. You can record television programs and view DVDs through your computer if you purchase the correct adapters. Memory card readers for digital cameras and PDAs cost between $20 and$30 and will allow your information or photographs to be transferred quickly to your home computer.

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