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Memory Madness
With the wide range of products available in the market for both business and personal use, there is very little that you cannot accomplish. From taking pictures and making videos to creating data files, the possibilities seem almost infinite.

But of course, with all these possibilities comes the eventually that these files created will leave you without space to create more. You then are faced with the choice of either deleting some of your existing files, or not creating new files at all.

Fortunately, there is an answer to all of that. With the advent of Sony’s storage solutions, you can feel free to create free to create as many files as you need without having to consider how much free space you have left in your device. With the specific advantages of each memory storage solution, you can be sure that your needs will be addressed and filled by Sony’s wide range of storage devices.

Sony’s Memory Stick is a removable storage medium that is available for a number of compatible devices, With Memory Stick readers/writers widely available and integrated on many devices, including laptops, PCs, and digital cameras, data sharing is now truly seamless and practically instantaneous. Thanks to its compact size and high memory capacity, Sony’s Memory Stick is great for storing multimedia, presentation files, and others.

The regular Memory Stick is available in 32 MB, 64 MB, and 128 MB capacities, and a dual 128 MB version is available. With a total capacity of 256 MB, it allows you to dedicate half of the total memory to a particular set of files. Switching between the two portions of the memory is as easy as flipping a switch, which is located on the Memory Stick itself.

The Memory Stick Duo actually takes the concept of the Memory Stick to a new level by shrinking it. At nearly half the size of the regular Memory Stick, the Memory Stick Duo maintains the high level of reliability that Sony’s products are known for. Available in this format are 32 MB, 64 MB, and 128 MB versions.

The PRO versions of the Memory Stick and the Memory Stick Duo offer large capacities, perfect for those who normally have a lot of data to store and transfer. For both the Memory Stick PRO and the Memory Stick PRO Duo, memory capacities offered are 256 MB, 512 MB, and 1 GB.

Recently joining the Sony Memory Stick product line are the High Speed Memory Stick PRO (available in 256 MB and 512 MB) and the High Speed Memory Stick PRO Duo (available in 256 MB and 512 MB).

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