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Hardware: What Makes Computers Work
The creation of the computer has greatly benefited a lot of us. The computer can help us in our work or just for fun. To understand how a computer can give us so many benefits is very complex. That is because the computer is made up of tons and tons of parts that it needs to operate.

The computer is made up of two basic things that are classified as either hardware or software. The computer hardware is the physical parts of the computer. It can likely be compared to what the things under the hood of the car. This is because they are the things that make the computer run yet is hidden by a casing.

Here are a list of the common Hardware that your computer is made up of and what they are:

1. The Case the tower that houses the essential hardware parts

2. The Motherboard the central or primary circuit board that makes up the complex electronic system of a computer.

3. The Central Processing Unit or the CPU it is the component in the computer that interprets the instructions and processes the data contained in the software. It is one of the core components of computers.

4. The Random Access Memory or the RAM the RAM is for the execution of the programs and the storage of short term data. It helps the computer have a faster time to access the hard drive when it is finding something. If you want a faster PC you need more RAM.

5. The BUS it is the subsystem that transfers the data or power between computer components that is inside the computer or to other computer units.

a. PCI Bus
b. PCI-E
c. USB

6. Power Supply the case that holds the voltage control, fan and transformer.

7. Video Display Controller responsible for the image or the computer display.

8. Computer Bus Controllers connects the computer to other devices such as the printer or scanner.

9. Storage controllers such as the SCSI, IDE, and SATA. These things control the floppy disk, hard disk or CD- ROM. They are located on top of the mother board or on expansion cards.

These are only some of the key things that make a computer run. Learning more about them is really more complex.

However if one has a certain know-how about how these things work, can be beneficial. Knowing how to fix these things will help you a lot and earn some money too. There are now also lot of career opportunities that are open based on computer hardware know how that you might want to take a look.

These things are complex at the start just any other thing, but when you get familiarized, the stuff becomes Childs play for those that show vigor.

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