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Your Computer - Is A Firewall Necessary?
Internet firewalls are an important part of keeping your computer protected from worms and viruses. If kept frequently updated, and internet firewall will offer you some measure of protection from destructive forces that can cause permanent damage to your computer. Without a firewall, your computer could be flooded with worms, viruses, spyware, and several other detrimental elements that could potentially steal your personal information and/or cause your hard drive to crash. Most internet firewalls can be updated and adapted to intercept new bugs, but you will need to check for updates often.

The more layers in your firewall, the better protected you will be. A firewall resembles a system of tunnels that causes spam and viruses to travel through a maze, which makes it quite difficult for the virus to reach its target - your computer files. As worms and viruses become more complex, the harder your firewall will have to work to protect your computer efficiently. Each time you operate a computer that is connected to another computer, you run the risk of allowing destructive information to pass through. Surfing the internet without a firewall is much like entering battle with no body armor. You run the risk of infecting your personal files with a virus or worm that could prove to be quite difficult to get rid of. You must make sure that your firewall protects incoming as well as outgoing information.

There are different kinds of firewalls. Some are free, some charge a small monthly fee, and some can be purchased outright and updated on the manufacturer's web site. There are several well-known brands of firewall software than can be installed on your computer or network that will give you a reasonable measure of protection. Make sure you always have the latest version of whatever type of firewall you choose. There is no foolproof way to protect your computer from harmful worms and viruses, but a firewall is the best place to start.

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