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Shopping Guide For Computer Hardware
We guarantee that youíll not only get the computer hardware best suited for your needs, you may also save money on your purchase as well!

Intel Pentiumís reign is long over in the world of processors, or at least it is in one region: computers used for gaming shall benefit more if theyíre equipped with processors made by Athlon. Not only do these processors perform better for gaming purposes, theyíre cheaper than the leading brand as well!

Video Cards
Maybe, just maybe, you still donít know what a video card is. Basically, this is the part thatís responsible for putting images on your monitor screen. When purchasing a video card, only go for a high end model if you truly need superior image resolution. If not, a built-in video card should do.

If, however, you do need one thatís top of the line, then always go for a video card that has SLI features to allow it to work with a second video card as well.

If itís the mother thatís the core of the family, in a CPU, that role belongs solely to the motherboard. Your computerís motherboard will indicate whether all computer hardware parts are able to function well together.

Hard Disk
How much disk space do you need? The answer to that shall determine what type or model of hard disk (also known as hard drive, HD or HDD) you would need. This is the storage media device of the computer and it can reach as much 250GB! Imagine that!

The memory determines the speed of your computer. Do not confuse it with a hard disk! There are two types of memory that are primarily used today: DDR and DDR2. There are of course older models but remember we want to upgrade, not downgrade!

When purchasing the memory for your computer, just make sure that itís more than the minimum requirement of whatever software youíre interested in using.

And that ends our shopping guide today. Those five hardware parts are the most important parts of the computer so take your time when shopping for each and every one of them!

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