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Video Cards: Gaming or Working?
The monitor and the video card play a vital role. However, these two work hand in hand to produce results.

The monitor serves as the place where one can view the programs, software, files, etc. The video card on the other hand does all the processing to produce the data be seen on the screen.

The video cards communicate the stuff done inside the PC unit to be produced in the monitor. The video cards that are produced today are all 2D/3D combinations. 3D features are useful for people who do a lot of gaming, modeling, etc.

Scenes in the computer seem to be realistic because the video cards have special chips that can make all kinds of calculations. Video cards are based on smaller number of chipsets that run at different speeds.

The first thing you should do when choosing a video card is the chipset. If you will not have much time for games, any chipset may do.

There are many features of a video card; the most often discussed is the FSAA and the anisotropic filtering. The FSAA reduces the jagged edges and the anisotropic filtering improves the detail on textures.

These two can greatly improve the quality of games but can slow things down. The speed of the game is measured in frames per second. When the frames per second of the game are low, the game will not be fun to play. The game will be jerky.

Higher resolutions also come with a price. It can also slow down the pace of the game.

The chipset of a video card does all the calculations and controls the operations. It is compared with the CPU of the computer. It makes the chipset the most important part of the video card. Naturally, the faster and more advanced the chipset is, the better the video card will be.

If you are basing your decision on choosing the kind video card from the chip set. You should probably base it on price and performance level. However this may be expensive, as video cards have now been the 2nd most expensive components of computers.

The memory of the video card is also important. This is because it can affect the operationís speed, the number of colors and the resolution used in games. For video cards used for gaming, 128MB is suggestible. For 2D applications 32MB is good.

If you want to run at high resolutions with lots of colors pay attention to the refresh rate, supported resolutions, and the color depth.

By being able to know more about the video card suited for your use, you may now have no problems when deciding to play games or just work through your computer.

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