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Choosing The Best Web Hosting
Given the fact that there are thousands of web hosting companies competing for your business, consider these key elements so that you will make an informed decision about the web host you choose:

Determine how much space your web site will take up on a server. Most web sites will require between one and five megabytes of space. Numerous companies offer several hundred megabytes for a low price in an attempt to out-sell the competition. While you should leave enough space for your web site to expand, don't be tempted into signing up for a great price on massive amounts of space when the fact is you will probably never require it. You can find a good price on an amount of space that is better suited to your needs.

What is the data transfer allowance with the hosting company you are considering? You should not need an extremely high data transfer allowance unless you are operating a software download site or plan to include an image gallery. Even sites with heavy traffic typically only need a few gigabytes each month of bandwidth. A small to medium size online business will only need 5-10 gigabytes of bandwidth. The hosting company may offer you a great deal on large amounts of bandwidth, but you will most likely not need it and you can find a better deal on a hosting package that will more than fill your needs.

Before you sign up with any hosting company, find out what types of technical support are offered and the ease in contacting the hosting company with any issues or questions you may have. Ideally, a hosting company should offer a toll-free number that you can call 24/7 and provide email support as well.

Another important factor in choosing a hosting company is how often their servers are down and for how long. No matter how great of a deal you get on your hosting package, it will do you no good if there are frequent lapses in up-time. No company can guarantee that you will have no downtime, but you need to make sure your web site is hosted on well-managed, dependable servers.

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