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Basic Principles In Web Site Design
Your home page should indicate clearly what your web site is about. An informative, easy to navigate home page is the most important factor in keeping your visitors interested. From your home page, a visitor will determine if he or she will stay at your web site and click a few of your links or leave to find another web site that is more appealing. Make any special offers or discounts you provide clearly visible on your home page and include navigational tools that make it easy for a visitor to switch to another page and make purchases. If you include a flash intro on your home page, give visitors the option to skip the intro if he or she desires.

Your navigation structure is critical. Do not experiment with navigation and keep it the same on all pages. Place the navigation in a location that is familiar to the average web site visitor. Consistency is the most important thing in deciding where to put your navigation. Across the top or on one side or another is very familiar to most internet surfers and make sure it is in the same place on all pages within your site.

The font size you choose should be easy to read. If your font is too small many people will not even bother to read it. The best font size is twelve-thirteen points. Your line length should also be easy to read. Sixty to seventy characters is appropriate for most material.

You will have some text that you want to emphasize. Do this tastefully and do not emphasize too much of your text. If you have many words and characters in bold print, your web site will resemble a battlefield and be hard to read. Include graphics such as a photo of your product. The photo should be clear and of a manageable file size. If your file size is too large it will increase the time it takes your page to fully load and visitors may lose interest.

Test your web site frequently to make sure all links are working perfectly. Your potential customers will not take the time to notify you if your links are broken and they may go to your competitors if they cannot easily click through the links on your site. Make sure your text is spell checked and grammatically correct. Your web site visitors will judge your business by the impression they get from your web site.

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